Beard Straightener

Hey, guys! Many of you have asked how I get my beard so straight. 

Well, the first step is taking care of your beard by keeping it clean and moisturized. 

The next step is head on over to Amazon and buy this beard straightener*

I have been using this straightener since June 2020 and it has worked great. Applying heat to your beard can damage it so always make sure to protect it from the heat. 

There's also this one that I have that has 12 different temp settings and it works well for beards that are 2" or longer. Check it out here*:


Beard trimmer: I use Wahl trimmer for my neck, beard line and hard part. You can check it out here:



*Amazon affiliate link. I may make a commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase from the above Amazon link.